St. Joseph’s Parish is a community of communities working together to strengthen the bond between the Parish, Parish School, Catholic Campus Ministry at University of Western Sydney and various active groups in the Parish.  St. Joseph’s Parish promotes close interaction between the members of the groups with the objective of developing a strong community of faith.

Parish Mission
The Mission of St. Joseph’s Parish is to be Christ-centred community of faith with the Eucharist as “the summit and source” of our Catholic identity and celebration of the Sacraments as a pivotal moment of Parish live.

Starting at the roots, the three pillars of the community revolve around; educational growth from Catholic values at the St. Joseph’s Church, providing care and help from our after school Centacare and receiving spiritual nourishment within St. Joseph’s Church Cell Parish System which integrates the community as a whole.


Our Parish is located in Kingswood on Richmond Rd, approximately 200 metres north of Kingswood Railway Station.

St. Joseph’s Parish encompasses the suburbs of Kingswood, Cambridge Park, Cambridge Gardens, Werrington, Werrington Downs, Werrington County, Jordan Springs and part of a new development of Caddens.

The Parish is mostly residential with mainly medium density housing and units located along the railway and Great Western Highway corridor in Kingswood.  Also located within the Parish boundaries are Nepean Hospital and University of Western Sydney (UWS Penrith Campus).

The site for the existing church and school was part of an original grant to Samuel Foster. Gustav and Tess Klein purchased the land on which St. Joseph’s Church was built as part of a five-acre property where the family resided until it was sold to the Catholic Church in the early 1960s.

Although St. Joseph’s Primary School and the church have been operating on site since 1963, St. Joseph’s Parish was founded and became part of the Penrith Parish in 1970.

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