Special Religious Education in NSW Public Schools is education in the beliefs and practices of an approved religious persuasion by authorised representatives of that persuasion.In NSW Department of Education Religious implemented special procedures which provide guidances for teaching Religion in the Public School System. These Education Implementation Procedures were Last updated January 2019

St Joseph’s Parish is responsible for teaching the Catholic Faith through SRE Programs in Following Schools:

  • Cambridge Park High School
  • Kingswood Public School
  • Cambridge Park Public School
  • Cambridge Gardens Public School
  • Werrington County Public School
  • Kingswood Park Public School

Unfortunately we do not have an SRE teacher to cover Cambridge Park High School therefore the Catholic children attend non-denomination Christian Scripture.

Each of the Primary School has 7 grades- Totalling 35 grades

In the past classes at schools were held in Following hours:

  • Kingswood Park -1pm-1:30pm Tuesday
  • Cambridge Park -10 am-11am – Thursday- 2 sessions
  • Cambridge Gardens -12 noon-1pm – Thursday- 2 sessions
  • Werrington County -2:10 pm-2:40pm – Thursday
  • Kingswood Public -9:20 am-10:30 am – Friday- 2 sessions

If you would like to be a part of the SRE as a teacher or helper please contact the Parish Office. We will provide you all necessary materials and training. 

If you would like to assist us with developing St. Joseph’s SRE’s web page by providing details and photos, please contact us!


Our parish Coordinator: Mrs Antoinette Mifsud 

CCD Director in the Parramatta Diocese Mrs Cecilia Zammet
Deanery CCD Co-ordinator Mrs Carmel Fenton