Information about the Mass Attendance

Dear Friends, 


From  1 July 2020. 

According to the rules established by NSW Government 80 people will be allowed to attend the church for a private prayer and Masses.

The Following rules need to be observed:

     * No prior registration will be needed to attend weekday Masses. First 80 people will be admitted to the church. Children are counted in this number.

     * Upon entering the church you need to provide your contact details on the list on the table at the entrance.

     * Registration to attend the Saturday Vigil Mass and Sunday Masses is required.

Please call the Parish office or the Priest on Duty.

Numbers to call to register: 


Parish office (02) 4721 4080 


Priest on Duty: 0423 725 148 


Seating places in the church are marked by the green placards. Maximum 2 people from the same household are able to seat together.

There are also three family zones marked in the church. In these larger families are able to sit together (must be members of the same household).

Social Distancing rules need to be obeyed at all times . 


General rules during Covid-19 pandemic when you attend Mass and Confession


(if you decide to register for or attend the Mass you need to adhere to these rules)


1. There should be no procession of gifts, no passing of hymn books or collection plates.

2. The priest should sanitise his hands before distributing Holy Communion.

3. The Sign of Peace should be omitted or given without any hand-to-hand contact.

4. In the Ordinary Form of the Latin Rite, Holy Communion can only be distributed and received on the hand. 

Penance (no prior registration needed):

1. Confessions can be celebrated in the church.

2. When recording details of attendance, there should be no reference as to why the person is attending.

3. A virus-proof barrier between the penitent and the confessor is recommended.

4. Hand sanitiser at the doors of confessionals will help to ensure that the doorknobs do not become high risk sites; frequent sanitising of confessionals is recommended.

At any given time there are only 50 people allowed in the church and everybody in the church prior entering needs to provide: the name, the contact number and the address. 

We will continue to livestream the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and the Masses until all the restrictions are over.

God bless you, 

fr. Andrew Fornal OP 

Parish Priest